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TEAM Training Center

TEAM Training courses

TEAM offers tailor-made courses in-company, in-haouse or online. This courses covering, Design, PCB, PCBA, wire harness assemblies.

For information only, you find below a wide range of training courses that TEAM can offer to your organisation. Please choose your program, notify it’s TEAM code by process  and ask us for a complete technical offer.


  • TEAMD001 : Interconnect Designer
  • TEAMD002 : Bare Board and Assembly Design
  • TEAMD003 : Advanced Bare Board Design
  • TEAMPCB001: Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards(preparation to IPC6012 certification)
  • TEAMPCB002: Acceptance criteria for printed circuit boards (preparation to IPCA600 certification)
  • TEAMPCB003: Printed Board Fabrication Techniques, Inspection and Reliability
  • TEAMPCBA001: Components identification
  • TEAMPCBA002: Handling of Electronic Components, PB’s and PCBA’s
  • TEAMPCBA003: Acceptance criteria for assemblies (preparation to IPCA610 certification)
  • TEAMPCBA004: Criteria for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies (preparation to IPCJSTD001 certification)
  • TEAMPCBA005: IPC-AJ-820 Seminar Assembly & Joining Handbook
  • TEAMPCBA006: Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator
  • TEAMPCBA007: Visual inspection of PCBA’s
  • TEAMPCBA008: Basic of Hand Soldering
  • TEAMPCBA009: Advanced Hand Soldering
  • TEAMPCBA010: Cleaning and Cleanliness Testing of Printed Boards and Assemblies training
  • TEAMPPCBA011: Wave Soldering
  • TEAMPCBA012: Reflow Soldering
  • TEAMPCBA013: X-Ray Inspection of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies  Printed Board Fabrication Techniques, Inspection and Reliability
  • TEAMRR001: Rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies (preparation to IPC 7711/21 certification)
  • TEAMRR002: Specific rework & Repair
  • TEAMW001: Acceptance criteria for cable and harness assemblies (preparation to IPC A620 certification)
  • TEAMW002: Qualified Crimping and Soldering Connector
  • TEAMW003: Qualified Terminal Soldering
  • TEAMS001: ESD Introduction (Electrostatic Discharge)
  • TEAMS002: Advanced ESD control for operators and technicians
  • TEAMS003: ESD Plant Auditor /Trainer
  • TEAMS008: Printed Board Troubleshooting according to the IPC-9121
  • TEAMS009: Qualification and Performance of Electrical Insulating Compound for Printed Board Assemblies IPC-CC-830 Seminar
  • TEAMS010: Reliability Testing & Defect Analysis for Assemblies Training and Certification
  • TEAMS011: Components handling and storage Audit
  • TEAMS011: Reflow soldering Audit
  • TEAMS012: Wave soldering Audit
  • TEAM013: Hand Soldering Audit


Does your workforce need a fundamental understanding of the industry?

How do you bring new hires up to speed on industry vocabulary, business practices and technical skills?

Could your training regimen use an influx of new content?

Using IPC Edge learning platform TEAM can offers a variety vouchers to build knowledges at your pace and get education experiences to deliver consistent and effective training across your organization.

Courses are available 24/7 in self-paced and instructor-led.



PCB/PCBA Expertise

Based on the experience of his trainers experience, TEAM has developed a PCB & PCBA expertise via visual inspection check-list in compliance with IPC A 600 & IPC A 610.

Don not hesitante to send us your product for an expertise quotation.